get your spark back

Are you bored or burnt out by all-work-no-play?

Have you lost touch with your spark?
Do you seek to step off the trail paved for you, but are scared AF?
Then let's play.

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Making Self Help Sexy

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Together we will harness the power of playful self exploration to:

Get to Know Yourself

Become your own muse. Play is inherently linked to individual expression, so get ready to embrace your inner rebel, tomboy, misfit, goof, dreamer, and shout it from the rooftops - quirks, contradictions and imperfections included!

Give up Future Tripping

Spend less time analysing, stressing, and controlling what is next, by nurturing your female “right” brain out of perfection and into play. Enjoy what you DO have! Right now, mindfully, and full of gratitude.

Overcome Fear of Failure

We’ll no longer make do with the status quo. Build self compassion and confidence to dare to take that leap, define your fears, develop resilience and adapt to change. Trust that you’ll grow through courage not fear.

Release Expectations

No longer cling to a set idea of how you should be, and play with what you could be. Give yourself permission to do your own thing. Free of people pleasing, validation, and comparisonitis you’ll become unstuck and start creatively exploring who you are.

Flirt With Spirituality

Spiritual is not a dirty word. Explore and create your own spiritual practice whilst remaining wildly and wonderfully you. This is a place to find the connection that we seek from not “fitting in”.

Have More Fun!

It’s time for a shake up! Play is not just for kids, it is not trivial, and it is not too much of a luxury to seek. Experience the benefits of play, and trade in the serious hustle for a lighter, more curious life which celebrates self awareness as hugely attractive!


Lisa Gibson

I had determined that success would only come from my diligence, routine and organisation (everything I’m not good at), Kris managed to guide me into rewriting this story I had in my head. So now instead of constantly being at odds and battling with a deep and visceral part of myself, I’ve surrendered to it and can now harness its power.

As I truly applied myself to the actions set with Kris, I found myself naturally become loving and kind towards myself, forgiving when necessary and letting go of that nasty inner voice that tends to get louder when you least need it. I could have a bad moment and leave it behind, not berate myself about it or hold on to it. This change helps me to take risks, to show up, give it all I’ve got, and if the result isn’t everything I hoped it to be – that’s ok. Falling short still sucks, but it doesn’t make me a failure.

I specifically remember marveling at the fact that Kris seemed to have this knack for unlocking doors in my brain that I hadn’t even noticed. And she did it with an incredibly energetic, trusting and loving warmth and personality. After three amazing months of working with Kris, she has helped me create a master key for all these doors!

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Amanda Gordon

"Kris has a remarkable ability to listen to what you’re saying and reframe it in a way that makes total sense. Hiring Kris is the best investment you can make in yourself. Honestly. My relationships have become more focused. I invest less into things because I feel like I “should” and do more with people who light me up. I feel free, and excited to try new things, as opposed to feeling locked into what I’m currently doing. I’ve started pitching freelance articles to editors! I feel like I’ve “come out” as a creative - I’ve started attending workshops, talks, and shows without feeling like I’m an outsider peering in - but like I belong. Like I’ve found my people. I’ve been a lot kinder to myself. I know who I am, what values I have, how I show up as a friend, employee, and artist, and I like her! If you feel stuck - don’t feel like you have to have it all together in order to get started. I trusted Kris as someone who had taken hold of the steering wheel of her own life - so I knew I was in good hands!"