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I’m Kris, I work with creators and artists to get their spark back when shit hits the fan. I help you soften the demons of self-doubt to be the EPIC creative soul you desire.

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You can buy my original affirmation cards or potent poetry prints online. Let my words move you, celebrate you, inspire you, and bring you closer to yourself. My work celebrates the alchemy of art to improve mental well-being, spiritual connection, and self-adoration.

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Amanda Gordon

"Kris has a remarkable ability to listen to what you’re saying and reframe it in a way that makes total sense. Hiring Kris is the best investment you can make in yourself. Honestly. My relationships have become more focused. I invest less into things because I feel like I “should” and do more with people who light me up. I feel free, and excited to try new things, as opposed to feeling locked into what I’m currently doing. I’ve started pitching freelance articles to editors! I feel like I’ve “come out” as a creative - I’ve started attending workshops, talks, and shows without feeling like I’m an outsider peering in - but like I belong. Like I’ve found my people. I’ve been a lot kinder to myself. I know who I am, what values I have, how I show up as a friend, employee, and artist, and I like her! If you feel stuck - don’t feel like you have to have it all together in order to get started. I trusted Kris as someone who had taken hold of the steering wheel of her own life - so I knew I was in good hands!"