About Me

I am Kris Deminick, a firecracker, a tomboy and a misfit, with a big heart. I love the outdoors, Yin Yoga, hosting dinner parties, my mini-dachshund Moose, solo car-karaoke, coffee, red wine, and dark chocolate. I am an adventurer, explorer and agent of change. And I am an electrically energetic, yet deeply soulful coach on a mission.

To help transform the way we approach life and work, with wellness, confidence and creative health at it's core. 

I promise you, it doesn't have to feel this stressful, trapped, and unfulfilling.



Carmen Petersen-Cobb

"I came to Kris wanting to feel less weighed down by my to-do list. I had become stuck on how I was supposed to juggle it all as a business owner, wife, mother, and me! I didn’t know where to start or what to expect from coaching, but after just our first session I felt like I had someone on my side helping to clear the fog. Kris helped me to fully understand WHY it’s so important to care for myself first - for me, my family, my relationships and my business. She knew when to push, when to hold back, and held me accountable…she gave me exactly what I needed when I needed it. I now feel more present, calm and free, like I can handle anything. Kris is a star!"

So How Did I Get Here?

I know how it feels to stop and think “where did that part of me go?” To get caught up in “all hard work, no play” and with “fitting in” only to wind up feeling “left out”. To fight the internal battle about how you’re not measuring up to other people. To spend all your time stressing and worrying and moving further and further from yourself. The gears grind to a halt and you end up feeling stuck in the mud with a person you don’t quite feel is you. I was overwhelmed, disconnected, and thought self development was a woo-woo land of unicorns and sage sticks that held nothing for me. Boy was I wrong.

With a successful and promising career in digital advertising on the go, it was all work no play. So I took 18 months off at the age of 24 to indulge my wanderlust and travel the world. Truth be told, even then I was already feeling unsatisfied, burnt out and depleted by the thought of hustling my way up the corporate ladder, and deeply disconnected from my younger creative Self. While on my travels I picked up an unwelcome, and unlikely travel companion. A damaged relationship to food, and intensely destructive body image. This experience completely changed my perspective, and I returned without the gusto I once had for the advertising industry. Yet I shackled myself back in because it was "the right thing to do", "the only thing I'm good at", and "the only way I can earn a living" - right? But as a self confessed perfectionist it never felt “right” enough, I was never good enough, and was constantly terrified that I wasn't earning enough. I was in a complete state of lack and disconnection, both toward my career and my body.

Without really knowing why, I took a leap and enrolled in Pilates Instructor Training. "She broke free!" you're thinking? Not quite. I still held onto my digital career, because who would leave 6 years of achievement for a massive pay cut to teach Pilates classes? How irresponsible! Yes, fear continued to hold me back until I was given the opportunity once again to relocate, this time to live in Denmark for 18 months. I used this as an opportunity to unlock those shackles. I left my career in Australia and didn't take it with me. What I took was my teaching, and a burning desire to rediscover that spark I knew I had in me but had been lost through the act of living for expectations and ideals. And with all that mental energy returned to me, the unwavering support of my husband, a therapist, a wellness coach and a toolkit of books, podcasts, retreats and meditation - I found the key. Get your spark back. Then never let it go. I spent my time mastering my mindset. Learning to believe in myself. Loving my body again. Getting creative. Trusting, and truly owning the rhythm to which I wanted to live my life. Playing with the world. Redefining success. And I began to feel so alive. I now enjoy what I call a ‘bento-box’ career, wearing many hats as a Pilates + Yin Yoga instructor, copywriter, and Life Coach. Yes, it came with uncertainty, less security and less financial independence, but it also came with so much more. An Electrified Life. And that is what I want for all of you. To support you, cheer you on, and light your spark for all to see! Read more of my personal story in this blog post "The Path to Here".


Rachel Inglis

There are simply no words to describe what working with Kris has done for me. Kris has changed my life. I am no longer consumed by fear of failure or having to have everything ‘perfect’. I am enjoying and having fun with exploring more of what lights me up. Kris made self development fun in the most safe and supported environment you could create. She ignited the spark within me that was buried by gently coaxing, but at the same time challenging me when needed. Action steps didn’t seem like work, I thoroughly enjoyed them! Kris made me realise that I had the power within me all along, and that things could be explored in a playful and fun manner and not taxing or like hard work. I am forever grateful and honoured to have worked with this amazing spark igniter!