10 signs you could use a life coach

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

10 signs you could use a life coach

Do any of these sound familiar?

1. I’m happy, but…

There is something missing, or something is just not quite jiving with how you thought things would be. Nothing tragically wrong, but not feeling deliciously right. We can work to identify what's missing, what needs to change, and how to cultivate it into your life.

2. I have epic ideas but they scare the shit out of me.

You have ideas and desires that give you butterflies of both excitement and doubt, but the latter stops you from flying with them. We can work to turn the fear into fun.

3. I’m intrigued by self development and keen to play with it but is it too woo-woo and weird for me?

You like the sound of this realm but you’re worried it’s all bullshit and won’t do anything for you. I am passionate about making self help sexy and accessible to everyone, without needing to becoming a barefoot hippie. We’ll introduce you to the tools and find what works for you.

4. I always do that, when will I learn?!

Do you find yourself repeating patterns and habits, ending up back in the same place? We’ll question what beliefs, comforts, habits, and excuses (yes, those too!) are putting the breaks on your momentum.

5. I don’t have support that “gets me” or just hears me out without judgement

Friends and family are too opinionated, and you don’t have anyone that gives you 100% attention but you crave that chance to be truly heard. I am your support, guide, cheerleader, and adviser all rolled into one with no agenda other than your spark firing!

6. I’m passionate about so many things, how can I focus on one?!

You wear so many hats, and have so many interests and ambitions that you have no focus to move forward on any of them. Hello Stucksville. We’ll clear out the fog, find clarity and create a map to get you the hell outta there!

7. I hate making decisions and use the terms “should” or “what if?” a lot

You feel immobilised making decisions because of what you feel you “should” do, or “what if” x,y,z happens. We’ll flex your intuitive muscles, learn how to read your body for clues, and how to feel confident in the decisions you make for YOU.

8. I’m not confident to back myself or express myself but I have visions of shouting from the rooftops!

Deep down you know you’re kick-ass, you’re pretty unique, people love to be around you, and you have truck loads to give but believe it’s full of yourself to show it. We’ll put self expression front and centre, without being self centred (see what I did there?).

9. I feel so locked in to what I am doing, I want to feel free and excited to try new things

Are you in your comfort zone because “that’s the way it is”? Or feel trapped in the status quo because you’re not “enough” of anything else? We’ll bring play and curiosity back into trying new things, just for the sake of trying them.

10. I’m sick of worrying about the past or future, something’s gotta give!

Worrying hasn’t got you anywhere so far, so isn’t it time to give something else a shot? If you answered YES to any of these 10 reasons then fill in my pre-coaching questionnaire and let’s see what I can do to help.

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