Are you getting abundance wrong?

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Are you getting abundance wrong?

Look up the word abundance in the Oxford English Dictionary and you will find


  1. A very large quantity of something.
    1. mass noun The state or condition of having a copious quantity of something; plentifulness.
    2. mass noun Plentifulness of the good things of life; prosperity.
    3. The quantity or amount of something present in a particular area, volume, or sample.

Plentifulness of the good things of life is on the money (financial abundance pun intended) but in order to have a mindset of abundance this definition excludes one very important condition.

An abundant mindset defines plentifulness as exactly that which we already have. When working on Self Development we are typically seek to be more of something - more positive, more present, more ourselves, yet when it comes to abundance the change comes in not attempting to increase the volume (or plentifulness). A truly abundant mindset is one which defines abundance as having exactly enough for where you are right now. The “more” is always out there, and it will come to you when you need it (which is usually not when you think it is!) This is the single most important discovery I have made in creating an abundant mindset and rewriting my money story. So much so that I actively try to remove the word "more" from money vocabulary. 

I grew up in a single-parent home where money was something to be watched, budgeted and respected. I was almost scared of money. As if it was an unpredictable and delicate bomb that if not taken seriously could go off with massive consequences. I saw it as fleeting, unstable and complicated, so I always needed to make sure there was enough. But there was never enough. I questioned purchases, did everything to save the same amount each month, and would let unexpected expenses send me into an anxious tailspin. That’s partly why my decision to quit my advertising career took so long (see my post “Why I chose a pay cut and quit my day job”) - I could not let go of the control nor the paycheck!

When I first started work on my money mindset, I said to myself “right Kris, abundance. That’s it, think abundance, call in abundance, search for abundance and you’ll be fine.” I certainly relaxed my need to track what was going in and coming out (much to the relief of my poor husband!), but I was still holding the word abundance to an expectation that I would suddenly receive more. I developed an entitled notion that because I was thinking abundance, I deserved money miracles. It does not work like that. Abundance has no number. Abundance is believing you are equipped to live today, and are supported to live tomorrow. You are safe. You already have all you need. I was not attracting more because I did not need more at that moment in time. When we release our distrust of money, stop expecting more, and start to practice gratitude for what we have, that is where abundance flows. I can honestly say when I stopped demonizing money for not being “enough” and rather, appreciating the things I did have as “more than enough”, I started seeing signs of abundance that I’d have previously overlooked. An extra shift at work. Deciding to buy a second hand bike and finding it the very next day. Bumping into a friend unexpectedly and hitching a ride, with the added bonus of not paying for the train. A book I wanted being on sale. Even situations that were seemingly chaotic were now abundant blessings in disguise - the studio I was teaching at relocating and putting me out of a job meant I could focus on creating This Electrified Life and looking after my new puppy with abundant attention and dedication.

What beliefs do you have around money that block abundance? If you want some more specialised guidance in money mindset I highly recommend Kat from Beam Tribe - go check her out!

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