Thanks to Beautiful You, from Beautiful Me + a Beautiful Bonus

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Thanks to Beautiful You, from Beautiful Me + a Beautiful Bonus

Many people have asked “how did you decide to become a Life Coach?” and the answer is actually pretty simple. I’ve always loved helping people, through meaningful connection and shared experience. So after doing my own inner work with the guidance of some great mentors, I wanted to find a way to do the same for others. The hard part was “how did you decide HOW to become a Life Coach?” This my friends, was a much, much harder decision.

How did I choose a course?

Initially I avoided the term “life coach” as I had my own belief that this meant leadership, business, suit and tie seriousness. So I began seeking certification as a “wellness coach” which felt more aligned to my existing work as a fitness instructor. But you know what? Every course I found was either diet and nutrition focused which wasn’t my jam, or, would you believe it, had websites with stock images such as men in suits with briefcases in fields. I kid you not. I reluctantly settled on a course, but inside I wasn’t convinced. So I asked my therapist from The Indigo Project, a progressive and mindfulness based psychology practice, if she knew any courses. “So-and-so highly recommends The Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy”. I’ve never heard of it. Yet as soon as their website loaded I thought  “oh shit, there may be something here!” I scrolled through eating up every piece of information, nodding “yes, yes”, finally feeling a course oozing with HUMAN SOUL, until I got to the bottom. SOLD OUT. Could I wait 9 months? I really didn’t want to. I was teaching casual hours and loving it but I felt something bigger missing, mission-less. So I emailed to go on the waiting list, and for a few weeks I avoided the reminder on my phone to pay and enrol in the other course. Until one morning an email subject line - “PRIORITY: May Course Place Available”. Needless to say, decision made.

What did I learn?

The BYCA course and its founder Julie Parker, is a mixture of deep soul, light bubbles, fierce compassion, business smarts, and no BS realism. My kind of cocktail. Along with the certified trainers, a powerhouse of expert interviews, and an impressive alumni, their collective experience, knowledge and calibre of teaching is more than I realised. The course is mindful, honest, raw, open, and emotional. I was held and heard in a way I am not sure I ever have been in a learning environment before. No question too stupid (and I asked a LOT of questions!). No concept too repeated. No competition between students. No lack of attention from teachers. It taught me to take my listening to the next level, and get creatively powerful with my questions. To tune in to the heart of what actually matters to my clients. As a practical component I also got a step-by-step guide to setting up a business, and worked with a “coaching buddy” to actually LIVE the coaching experience as both client and coach. Honestly, had I not, then I would not have had the self belief, self respect or bravery to have launched This Electrified Life when I did. I was stretched and challenged to delve into the deep (and exciting!) areas of the Self, just as I guide my own clients to do. It takes openness, transparency, willingness, and a little bit of daring faith to take a leap and see where you land. It comes as no surprise then that the course bears a beautiful bonus in the form of friendships, business buddies and a sisterhood that I now interact with daily and lean upon in this rollercoaster ride called entrepreneurship.

Is coaching tugging at you?

If you have felt a tug to power-up and help people navigate the world of self development then this course may be for you. The Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy is great if you are willing to be curious, and are wanting to take an intuitive rather than a rigidly strict formulaic approach with clients to get them where they want to be. You get a great balance of coaching tuition and business building modules to set you up for getting straight out there.

So if you are considering becoming a coach yourself, I’ve got a special bonus to welcome you into the Beautiful You fold! If you sign up through me, I am gifting you x3 (three) 45 minute “study buddy sessions” during your course. As a graduate, I know how valuable these will be. To talk to someone who has been there start to finish AND gone on to start their business, will give you an extra perspective and a brain to pick who has been right where you are! You will second guess yourself, think you don’t have anything different to share, worry that you are “just another coach”, be fearful of launching a business because you are not tech savvy/business minded/a confident salesperson, plus an endless list of other fears. Think of me as your “phone-a-friend” when you need advice, more practice, guidance, or just to vent! I'm also a Certified BYCA coach so I can conduct your certification series should you choose to go on through this level of qualification.

It’s important that you sign up through me to purchase the course in order to be eligible for this special offer*. If you're ready to dive in then just enter my name "Kristina Deminick" in the CODE field on your enrolment order page. 

Important Note: If you enter my name in any other area than the one instructed, (which is the code field at your enrolment stage - please see graphic below), or not at all at the exact time of your enrolment, you will not be able to receive my affiliate offerings. This is not something that can be amended at a later time and so please be careful at your sign up stage to do this as I want to be able to support you on your coaching journey!

*Please note, your calls will commence after the refund period (Module 3) has finished for the course in which you are enrolled. 

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