For when the self doubt takes hold

Monday, March 04, 2019

For when the self doubt takes hold

It's been a while since I wrote a post here and that is for one reason. I have been so "up in my head", whilst also having my head in the sand trying to force some projects to fit a certain outcome - not a conducive environment for riffing my ideas, or writing to you from the heart! The problem with living predominantly in our heads is that self doubt lives within those crevices, between the thoughts, and in place of the interaction with other humans that we've neglected. And self doubt sucks. 

I've worked with some wonderful clients already this year, and their common struggle has been a lack of confidence in their ability, timing, and resilience. In other words; thinking they are a bit shit, behind where they "should" be, and tired of hustling when things get hard. Sound familiar? The mindset that comes with the territory of living with heart and soul on sleeve as a creative is unique, just like you💙and I find one of the best ways to strengthen it is to immerse it in curiosity. Our true nature is to explore but this is silenced when the negativity comes. 

To coax out that creative curiosity, ask yourself this one powerful question to bring you back to the joy of things, not the judgement. It is a personal favourite of mine! 

What would this be like if it were fun? 

This can work for you no matter your circumstance, the word creativity does not apply only to those with paintbrushes or microphones. Maybe you're environmental engineer and you've got a great idea for reducing waste. Maybe you're a software developer who builds beautiful websites. Maybe you make natural skincare products as a side hustle and want to start selling them. Maybe it's nothing to do with your job but you just know that those days when you get to dance are the days you feel really darn good. Figure out what it would be like if it were more fun, and then steer your ship in that direction.

And if you're in Sydney and want to get a turbo charged injection of confidence and inspiration then I've got an in-person experience for you. The Self Expression Assembly - get confident, stay creative is for when the creativity has dried up, the self doubt has kicked in, the hustle has become too exhausting, and people are wondering what on earth you're doing. I've got 6 speakers to get you out of your heads and inspired by curiosity and exploration. 

If you;

  • wonder if your passion is even worth it.
  • are tired of having no fun and dream of letting loose.
  • question if you have the stamina to meet the critics.
  • feel behind everyone elses' skill level.
  • doubt your work is good enough to show anyone.
  • don't take your creativity seriously because it's "just a hobby".
  • feel stuck and uninspired.

Then this is for you.

I created this because I needed to create it. Because I am drawn to it. Because I wish I had it 6 years ago. Because I need to express myself. And I know it will help you to do the same. 

Saturday March 30th, Sydney. 

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