Get Your Spark Back + FREE eBook!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Get Your Spark Back + FREE eBook!

Sometimes I can’t shake the niggling feeling that things just aren’t quite as good as they could be. Nothing is hugely wrong, but life just feels “ho-hum”. Like I am not my most inspired or energetic self, and I am bored as bat shit by the status quo.

Do you feel me?

The problem with this feeling is that without any clear and definitive “problem” it’s so easy to just stay put. Afterall, how do you fix a “problem” that you can’t quite define? Or perhaps you feel a sense of “privilege guilt”, surely you are just being picky and overreacting right?

But what if boredom didn’t mean that what you already have isn’t “right”, but instead it was a nudge to use it?

Like really use it.

I’ve realised that when I feel this “ho-hum” boredom, the same thing is missing as when I have felt my most rock bottom through eating disorders, corporate burnout or the displacement of relocating.

The spark of my bold, badass, rebel Self.

But what the heck does that mean?

I want you to think of the moments you have felt most blissfully and effortlessly yourself. When days go by with ease. When you don’t wake up and judge yourself in the mirror. When you smile more than you frown. When you crack jokes or spontaneously break into dance without fear of looking silly. When you feel so content you lose yourself for hours. When you have those good butterflies in the tummy. When you don’t feel stuck. You feel sharp and sassy.

Say hello to your bold and badass Self. Give them a fist bump. Or a secret handshake, whatever your jam.

Now think about when you feel bored, shitty or like life isn’t going the way you want. Where is this bold badass? Not invited to the party I bet. Well whip out an invite because this bold, badass, creative, expressive, rebel part of you can help.

Through my own personal experience and by coaching many of these legendary people, I’ve come up with my own 6-step method to seduce that electric soul to join you.

  1. Ignite Your Spark
  2. Ditch Perfectionism
  3. Get Near to Fear
  4. You Are Not Your Critics
  5. Learn to Love Change
  6. Play More, Worry Less

If you’re sick of feeling uninspired and angsty whenever someone asks “how are you?” then these steps will spark a shift. I’ve created a FREE eBook to walk you through them and get you started.

Warning, side effects include;

  • Increase in your joy:disillusion ratio
  • Less stress, more serendipity
  • Jaw tension from smiling and laughing
  • Awareness of the present moment
  • Heightened sense of adventure
  • Did I really do that? Yes, because you dared to try new things!
  • Reduction in “emotional fire fighting” thanks to being less reactive
  • Kickass levels of confidence

Get your copy of the eBook here! Got a friend who needs to get their spark back? Share this page with them so they can get a copy too!

"Oh this eBook was the perfect amount of ‘nudge’ that I needed. I’ve scheduled one activity every month and have it at the front of my planner so it’s a constant reminder to MAKE time for play!  It sounds so simple AND IT IS, but somewhere along the lines we get caught up in the busyness and seriousness of the daily grind… but this eBook helped me to take 5 for myself. Plus I’ve never really been able to switch off and meditate but I found that by listening to Kris’ guided meditations I felt more grounded and ready to tackle my day."

- Carmen

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