How to cherish regret, not wallow in it

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

How to cherish regret, not wallow in it

We're told to live with no regrets. That regret is a waste of energy. Whilst I don't tend to live with regrets, I have a few. But I'm choosing to cherish them.

I always wanted to work in music or film. I did internships with a local music station, wrote articles on local bands, shot and edited short films, and dreamed of being part of the industry. But I told myself I'd never make it, it was too competitive, and I wasn't good enough. I let the first rejection for a job application at a film production company kill my drive.

I don't tend to live with regrets but that would be one of them. 
And it's poking at me big time this year.

So how do we cherish a regret rather than wallow in it? Music and film remain two of my most precious joys. The joy it brings me has not changed regardless of if I made it my profession. So it hasn't been wasted. I now work with creatives as their support and mentor just not as their colleague. This Electrified Life helps them keep their spark lit and their confidence high, so that people like me may find joy in their work. 

How about we aim to swap a life of no regrets, to a life where the yearning of regret inspires us to live afresh?

We may not be able to go back and change 10 years of a career instantly but we can go back to pick up what we left behind and cherish it now. This may not seem like much but I recently wrote a review of a concert, to give my forgotten dream some love  and you know what? The words FLEW out of my fingertips. It comes easy and full of joy, so I'm going to choose to cherish that rather than wish it could have been more.

Find what comes easy and full of joy, then do more of it. Even if just for yourself.

If you're in Sydney and want to get a turbo charged injection of confidence and inspiration to do what you love, then I've got an in-person experience for you. The Self Expression Assembly - get confident, stay creative brings together 6 speakers to get you out of doubt or regret, and into curiosity and exploration. 

If you;

  • wonder if your passion is even worth it
  • crave more fun and expression
  • question if you have the stamina to meet the critics
  • feel behind everyone elses' skill level
  • doubt your work is good enough to show anyone
  • don't take your creativity seriously because it's "just a hobby"
  • feel stuck and uninspired

Then this is for you.

I created this because I needed to create it. Because I am drawn to it. Because I wish I had it 10 years ago. Because I need to express myself. And I know it will help you to do the same. 

Saturday March 30th, Sydney. 

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