How to Create Mindful Mornings

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

How to Create Mindful Mornings

"The way you begin each day, defines how you’ll live each day” Robin Sharma, Leadership Expert

I recently had the pleasure of being asked to write for one of the companies I worked for during my previous advertising and media career. In a bid to contribute to health and wellbeing in the workplace, I've created some simple and time effective ways to create more Mindful Mornings. 

Our mornings really do set the tone for the rest of the day, so it pays off big time to slow down and give yourself some attention first thing. Replace the rush, the frustration, and the chaotic "shuffle-trip-hop" routine of leaving the house with a mindset of space, calm, and positivity that allows for more effective use of your day. 

As an added bonus if you’ve thought of trying Meditation but are too apprehensive, take this as your sign! I’ve created a guided beginners meditation for you right here, right now. 

Read the full article and get the Meditation link here

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