What did Monday ever do to you?

Friday, January 05, 2018

What did Monday ever do to you?

Welcome to 2018, and for most of you, the Eve of your first Monday back at work! How are you feeling about what Monday has in store for you? Have you found yourself up late on Sunday for no good reason other than prolonging the break of that day?

It is fair to say Monday gets the worst wrap of all the days of the week. But have you ever stopped to wonder why we give so much freaking power to a DAY? What did Monday do to deserve the beating and battering we give it?

  • Mondayitis
  • A case of the Mondays
  • Monday blues
  • Just another manic Monday
  • I don’t like Mondays

No one has written songs about Thursday torture, or wicked Wednesday...

I believe we allow Mondays to do two things:  

  1. We blame Monday for our stress and perceived failures. We give over our power almost in an effort to let ourselves off the hook, but simultaneously soothe ourselves of the discomfort. Blaming Monday is masking our feelings of resistance, of stress, of fear, or not doing or achieving enough - so turn inward and explore what that resistance is. 
  2. We use Monday as THE day that we will overhaul our habits to “fix” those perceived failures. Talk about pressure! How many times have you said “I’ll start on Monday”? It is time to ditch that mindset and take our power back NOW, not on Monday. How willing are you to take this action?

Here are three new phrases which you can replace for those tired old Monday taglines! 

  • Monday is a state of mind.
  • Just another magic Monday. 
  • Monday is just another day. 

I found this beautiful explanation of the spiritual properties of the days of the week, in a book by Doreen Virtue. It sparked my curiosity, and if nothing else has helped me go easy on Monday as just another day.

Monday: learning from experience

Tuesday: preparation, rejuvenation, healing, manifesting

Wednesday: new ideas, motivation, start afresh and embark on something new

Thursday: meaningful work, powerful action, communication

Friday: love, letting go of negativity, romance, completion

Saturday: motivation, goal setting, wisdom

Sunday: reflection, nature

Now, you can take or leave this interpretation as I know I have just said “a day is just a day”. However I found this idea a helpful reminder that I can take the power back from the day itself, and rather choose what to do with each day. This list is not gospel. If you want to embark on something new on a Friday, knock yourself out! The world won’t implode. You’ll still be here tomorrow. But perhaps you can start it from a place of love and letting go of negativity, to see how different it feels?

Personally, I find not starting new things on a Monday hugely beneficial. Not only does it take some of the pressure off, but it allows me to spend the beginning of the week re-calibrating, and gently setting intentions for the following days. Lo and behold, my week tends to be much more efficient. I understand many traditional jobs see new projects start on a Monday. I get it. I was in advertising for many years and all my project plans started on Mondays - but perhaps this is an opportunity for you to play with creating wider change. Find a client who is willing to start on another day, or spread that first day of project work over a few days. 

It is actually not until writing this post that I realise my most productive days in the launch of This Electrified Life have indeed been Thursdays. Spooky. The point is - by reframing (see my post about that superpower here) “Mondayitis” and choosing to take it down off the pedestal, we can create a more positive experience of the beginning of the week.

Keep this in mind each time you find yourself stringing out your Sunday night to stave off Monday morning. It’s just another day. 

Give yourself another story - choose to enjoy it as re-calibration not retribution. When you get home take 13 minutes and 07 seconds for my favourite "End Your Day" guided meditation by Boho Beautiful which uses a 3-part breathing technique to unload and reground. 

If you want more tips on how to power up your days, check out this post on Creating Mindful Mornings.

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