What to do when intuition abandons you

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

What to do when intuition abandons you

Do you have times where “follow your heart” or “listen to your gut” just lead you to the bottom of a tub of a ice cream, and a worry that in this giant human circuit board, your wire has somehow been cut? Like you’re not getting the memos?

We are living in a time where intuition is the topic of Ted Talks. Meditation subscriptions are the next gym membership. Every traumatic news story elevates our desire for guidance. Every conflicting decision between who we “should” be and who we want to be leaves us yearning for answers outside ourselves. So it is very lonely to feel like your channel has been cemented shut.

For 3 months I felt my intuition was speaking another language, AND expecting me to lip read all at the same time. I couldn’t hear it let alone decipher and trust it. I felt so disconnected. So in my head. The chatter was deafening and fucking annoying. All I wanted was to experience again those moments of meditative bliss, and clear signs that I was going in the right direction. I felt like a cork had been plugged into the crown of my head shutting out all wisdom, all light, and all clarity. It was so dark behind my closed meditating eyes. So dark. So lonely.

I can guarantee that your instinct has not abandoned you, it just needs some space to be heard. Here are a few things that worked for me in reconnecting to my inner guide;

Make space for it

You must clear away the fog on your minds eye before you can see clearly through it. How has your self care practice been lately? Have you been making time for the things that lighten the load, give you pure joy, and evaporate the chatter in your head? Have you been taking on too much or been more stressed than usual about something? If you have no space to receive it'll be difficult to see your gifts. Listen to the signs it’s time to slow down, and reprioritise your self care to make sure you have at least 30 minutes a day for yourself to wind down.   

Watch what you’re consuming

I’m not talking about food (though that can help too! Hydrate + nourish). When we feel that our own answers have abandoned us, we tend to seek them elsewhere. Yet the more we overload ourselves with more books, more podcasts, more classes, more courses, to find the “quick fix”, the further away from ourselves and our own guidance we are walking. And so the spiral deepens. Before seeking a new resource, think about the times where you have felt most connected and most intuitive. What were you reading then? What were you practising? Go back and anchor in, revisit those messages and hear them again. If you are ready to pick up something new then immerse yourself in it 100% rather than trying to ingest 10 new teachings at once.

Get out into nature

I always find the space and calm to recharge my intuitive senses is heightened by being outside in nature. This doesn’t have to mean a time consuming trip to the wilderness, as honestly I sometimes can’t even drive myself 5 minutes down the road to the beach! Take it when and where you can. A stretch outside on your balcony when you wake up before checking those pesky notifications. Having your morning coffee outside before you walk into the office. Taking your lunch break in the park or your backyard. Switching your gym class for a walk. Instead of Sunday brunch with friends suggest that you do a local walking track or hike. Invite space in by seeking it out.

Acknowledge it where you see it

We often judge the strength of our gut instinct only by big life changing examples, like choosing not to take the bus that day and it being involved in a nasty accident. We might ask for guidance on something and feel we’ve not received it, or perhaps even make a mistake and then curse our intuition for it - “where were you on that one buddy?!” You can’t expect to exert control over something that defies conscious reasoning. You can’t dictate the terms of instinct. So start being more open to seeing it when it arrives, not when you are expecting it to. This may be as subtle as confidently making a decision without second guessing, thinking of someone and then having contact with them, or moments where you’ve thought “I had a feeling that would happen”.

When do you feel most in tune with your intuition?

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