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Buy a copy of "How to be Happy" - I contributed a chapter to this print on demand publication that you need to separate the signal from the noise and live happier, more rewarding lives.

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Amanda Gordon

"I felt like my coaching experience with Kris was like rock-climbing.
Sometimes you reach a point where you get stuck.
You can’t see the next foothold.
And you get tired.
Sometimes all you need is someone to tell you that there’s a foothold next to your knee. That you can reach it. That your legs are strong enough to push you up. To take a deep breath and reach. That there is a harness there, too. Sometimes you need a good belay partner. That’s what working with Kris felt like. Kris brought the space for me to find my line - pursuing my identity as a creative writer, the perspective to see what I couldn’t, suggestions for what footholds to try next, and an encouraging word and a safety net for when I got tired or afraid. And - sometimes - when you’re focused on the journey, you look down from the top, and surprise even yourself with how far you’ve come."