In The Media

I've crafted guest blogs, contributed to print magazines, appeared on podcasts, given interviews, and written chapters in published books. Holler if you'd like to have me!

Journaling for Better Health: Good Health & Wellbeing Magazine, November 2018 Issue

The Power of Rebellion: Smart Healthy Women Podcast episode 21

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Why we All Need to Come Out of The Creative Closet: Smart Healthy Women Magazine Issue 54 

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Yoga for Mental Health - Becoming Friends With Your Body: The Prozac Yogi Podcast

Buy a copy of "How to be Happy" - I contributed a chapter to this print on demand publication that you need to separate the signal from the noise and live happier, more rewarding lives.

Living Well Interview on Mindset + Fitness: The Wellness Hive 

Conscious Chats on Authenticity: Jess Demunck 

Love Breeds Courage: Team Women Australia

Guest - My Friends Are Amazing Podcast: Bob Baty-Barr

How to Create Mindful Mornings: Umbraco

Chic Ways to Be Well on The Coast: Coastal Chic


Amanda Gordon

"I felt like my coaching experience with Kris was like rock-climbing.
Sometimes you reach a point where you get stuck.
You can’t see the next foothold.
And you get tired.
Sometimes all you need is someone to tell you that there’s a foothold next to your knee. That you can reach it. That your legs are strong enough to push you up. To take a deep breath and reach. That there is a harness there, too. Sometimes you need a good belay partner. That’s what working with Kris felt like. Kris brought the space for me to find my line - pursuing my identity as a creative writer, the perspective to see what I couldn’t, suggestions for what footholds to try next, and an encouraging word and a safety net for when I got tired or afraid. And - sometimes - when you’re focused on the journey, you look down from the top, and surprise even yourself with how far you’ve come."