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Kris is an electrically energetic speaker who draws on experience ranging from boardrooms to gym floors to school halls, to create a meaningful adventure for audiences. Her core message that self care and self expression are key to mental well being, breathes new life into the wellness arena. Kris teaches that wellness isn’t witchcraft, spirituality isn’t sage sticks, and it’s time to embrace our creative inner rebel and admit that we’re awesome in all our quirks and contradictions.  

Kris’ presentation style is conversational and relatable. She draws upon stories of her own experiences of corporate burnout, disordered eating, and negative body image to bring the world of Self Development down from the clouds, and into the realm of each individual in the audience. She provides practical and accessible tips proving that Self Development is available to all, without a monumental “Eat-Pray-Love-moment". She is deeply compassionate but sees play, creativity and laughter as imperative to our ability to create and adapt to change. So allow yourself to let your guard down and have a giggle!

With a previous career in digital advertising, Kris brings a refreshing dose of research, analysis and tenacious questioning to her speaking opportunities. She intends to provoke curiosity in her audiences and allow them to go beyond the buzzwords and social media reel to discover what wellness really means to them individually.

Expect laughter, soulful thinking, light bulb moments, “nuggets of wisdom” scribbled in notebooks, and a refreshing dose of becoming besties with yourself! You can bet Kris will be asking all her audiences to give themselves “an internal fist bump” before leaving the room!

Through Kris’ warm yet wild energy, participants will walk away buzzing with flirtatious ideas to reignite their spark. They will not only feel capable, but eagerly willing to back themselves and start electrifying their lives.

Kris gets a kick out of topics such as;

  • How to get your spark back 
  • Creativity for “non-creatives”
  • The psychological benefits of play in adult life
  • Mastering your mindset for body image and fitness
  • Loving your body for the long-term: the effects of negative body image (great for high school audiences)

Get in touch to discuss what might be right for your organisation or event, and for speaking rates. 

Kris has spoken at international conferences such as Codegarden, for clients within the global franchise F45 Training, and at alumni events for The University of Sydney. She is available for hosting + MC duties, presentations, conferences, Q&A, and panels. Keep up with what Kris is talking about on the Electrified blog.


Lara Booth

Where do I start? Not only is Kris my F45 trainer, she is also somebody I would feel comfortable going to if ever I needed help with anything to do with goals, keeping a positive mind, or even just to get my life back on track! After watching her speak twice at training, Kris inspired me to never let negativity get in the way of productivity. She showed me that keeping a strong mind WILL make your dreams come true! And honestly, that has changed my life. I can’t exaggerate enough on how much her positive vibes radiate onto you and how she makes you feel so special. She has such a kind heart and after hearing her share personal stories of her own, she most definitely makes you feel like you aren’t alone in whatever you may be going through. Kris! Thank you so much for everything! We love you!