The Self Expression Assembly

Get confident, stay creative

For creatives, entrepreneurs, and rebels looking for proof that you CAN chase a dream.

To get your spark back and stay creative.

To help you keep going when you doubt if it's worth it.  

To build the confidence to think brighter and bigger.

And to simply bring you more joy. 

You will hear from a lively gathering of 6 speakers sharing their story of creativity, self expression, and doing what they love. What does it mean to them? What challenges have they overcome to keep doing it? How do they keep the love alive when shit hits the fan? What impact does it have on their overall well being and life experience?


  • Shannon Dooley, founder of Retrosweat Aerobics 
  • Andy Wright, founder of Never Not Creative 
  • Kris Deminick, Life Coach at This Electrified Life
  • BJ, queer performer, writer and director
  • Melissa Katherine, stylist + fantasy portrait photographer 
  • Louise Claire Gates, PhD fellow in Yoga + Mental Health

If you've been feeling smothered by the stress of all-work-no-play, unfulfilled by what you're currently doing, or you never have enough time to stoke the creative fire within you, then this event will get you lit. 

Ticket price also includes a gift bag and time for Q&A with the speakers. 

Let's #getyoursparkback. 


Shannon is a NIDA acting graduate, choreographer, singer, 1980s expert and certified fitness instructor who believes that fitness must be fun and fabulous. Retrosweat combines her love of iconic and timeless pop music, vintage fashion, her passion for mental and physical wellness and mission to make dance and movement easy and accessible to Every body. Shannon loves using Retrosweat as a vehicle to take participants on a theatrical and joyous time travelling journey through which they can forget their 21st century troubles, lose their inhibitions and find their inner child.


Andy has been working in the creative industry for many years and most recently founded @nvrnotcreative, a community and support organisation, designed to ensure that the world is Never Not Creative. From running the local offices of global agencies like Interbrand and R/GA, he was also one of the original co-founders of For The People in Sydney. Andy has run successful and award-winning projects for GOMA, Australia Post, Telstra and Streamtime where he now spends his time driving the growth and innovation of project management software in the creative industry as Streamtime’s Managing Director. 


Bj is a London based Australian queer performer, writer and director. He wrote and directed the play Torn Apart (dissolution) (2014) which saw 3 London seasons and was acclaimed by critics and audience alike. Bj co-reated and directed feminist piece Things That Do Not C(O)UNT (2017) and is currently touring the 5 star queer piece Flawed____like a b_y which looks at homophobia and toxic masculinity in Australia. Other recent work includes Performing in Jonny Woo's UN-ROYAL Variety, Trojan Horse/Rainbow Flag (film) and touring the controversial Rules Of Inflation to Amsterdam, Edinburgh & Prague Fringe.  


Melissa Katherine is a Sydney based creative portrait photographer who utilises fantasy and boldness to empower her subjects and followers alike. She has an impeccable eye for detail and a penchant for vintage goodness. Specialising in highly stylised creative portraits, drawing influence from mid-century glamour, high fashion, avant garde and fine art. Deeply passionate about self love, style, selfies and of course, photo shoots, Melissa believes that these can all aid us and enrich our daily lives. By encouraging people to go bold and dramatic in their portraits, she nurtures and advocates creative risk taking with the hope that it trickles into everyday life in equal measures. 


Kris is an ex-advertising producer turned Certified and Award Nominated Life Coach, workshop facilitator, and writer. She coaches bored and burnt out dreamers, rebels and creatives who want their spark back. Tired of seeing bold humans play out bitter beliefs that they're not enough, destined to fail, or too late to change, Kris knows first hand the power of reconnecting to our selfexpression after suffering burnout + an eating disorder. She now helps clients find the confidence, courage, and conviction that comes with being a creative soul. She's also known for her big heart, love of David Bowie, + car karaoke skills. 


Louise Gates is a mental health coach for men + a Vinyasa and Laughter Yoga teacher who is creating a dynamic fusion of the two. She is a PhD fellow on the use of yoga for mental health recovery, and the host of The Prozac Yogi podcast. Louise's work is normalising conversations of mental health to bring light + laughter forward as remedies for our wellbeing. She has made light of her own depression through her podcast, and will see you just as you are. One thing is for sure, there will be some laughter too.