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Power up your coaching with Yin Yoga!

Upgrade to my "+plus Yin" package to experience the power of a personalised Yin Yoga sequence to support you physically and emotionally.

What is yin?

Yin Yoga is not downward dogs and warriors! It is a quiet and passive practice in which shapes in the body are held in static stillness for up to 10 minutes. Physically yin is a deep fascial release in the body, keeping our joints and ligaments healthy and pliable. But Yin is so much more than a physical practice. You can think of each pose as a mini-meditation and act of "allowing things to be". The inevitable discomfort that may be experienced as the body releases is an effort in Mindfulness. Yin uses the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine to bring the body into energetic balance by opening meridian channels to circulate and balance chi (or lifeforce) within the body. It is mind training. Mindfulness meditation. Emotional release. Energetic balance. Judgment cleansing. Yin Yoga is a kick-ass, full power compliment to your 1:1 coaching as it embodies the lessons of growth, the mindset of non-judgment, facing discomfort, and allowing the full spectrum of our experience to BE ENOUGH. 

1:1 Coaching +plus Yin Yoga Package

In addition to everything you get in my signature coaching package you will receive:

x1 additional 60-minute session, during which I will guide you through your personalised Yin Yoga sequence. I will develop the sequence specifically for you to support you energetically throughout our time working together.

x2 15-minute check-in calls (mid-way and toward the end of our series), to discuss how the Yin postures are feeling and to add or remove postures as required. 

+$550.00 AUD to your 1:1 coaching series price