Lets play!

Get ready to meet your bad-ass alter-ego.

If you’re feeling all work no play, then we need to talk. I want to see you back yourself, free of expectation or fear. I want to see you playfully owning your unique electric self - quirks, contradictions and imperfections included!

Does this sound like you?

Do you:

  • Get next-level inspired by creative visions but don't think they are for you?
  • Feel resentful toward the hustle of corporate culture?
  • Make excuses to avoid making decisions or taking risks?
  • Think you’re not good enough at hobbies or ideas to pursue them?
  • Feel energetically or creatively "blocked", tense, and imbalanced? 
  • Quieten your wild, quirky side to "fit in” with expectations?
  • Find that the path you’re on no longer aligns with your joy?
  • Feel a sense of isolation, alienation, or separation?

Are you ready to:

  • Give yourself permission to BE your rebel? And like them!
  • Explore your curiosity without attachment?
  • Laugh, smile and be more expressive?
  • Swap self-doubt and judgement for belief and confidence?
  • Try new things, and stop doing what makes you feel shit?
  • Nourish your energetic body in balance and health?
  • Be more resilient to change and problem solve setbacks quicker?
  • Trade in underwhelm for wonder-whelm?
  • Release analysis paralysis to the possibilities of play?
I have been there

I was in burnout, disconnected from my body, disillusioned with my career of hustle, and doubtful of myself. My inner critic wasn't just along for the ride, she was behind the wheel, dodging traffic and chucking u-turns! As I approached 30 I quit my advertising career and reclaimed the driver's seat to start living with the spark I’d lost along the road. Since then I’ve learnt to thrive in a state of play and change. As your cheerleader, I'm here to coach you through that state of panic to truly get to know yourself, and begin playing with the world on your terms. Read more about me here.

I know you want to spend less time worrying about what you “should” be or do. I know you are fearful to walk your own path because the unknown is scary AF. I know you seek self-compassion, confidence, self-expression and energy. So together we will see you living fiercely in all parts of yourself. We will turn the spotlight on you to reignite the spark you once had about your life before the world told you what was possible for you. To illuminate the ideas you’ve been too scared to explore. And to believe that giving yourself attention is more than OK.


Carly Welburn

Kris was even better than I expected. I went into the sessions with Kris knowing that life could be better but stuck on what to do next. Kris helped me turn the ramble into goals, the goals into action and the action into results. She has the unique ability to listen intently, pick out key messages and themes and then to use them to create plans and actions. I love how forward focused and action orientated the sessions with Kris were. I always walked away from them knowing what the next steps were and always felt like we were on the same page. Kris is incredibly kind and I always felt she had my best interests at heart. I  particularly loved being challenged on set ideas that were holding me back. It is unique to find the kindness that Kris has mixed with the bravery to confront a client when it best serves them. Since working with Kris I am calmer, more focused and feel like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I only wish I'd found her sooner, couldn't recommend her more and will work with her again.

So what are the rules?

Signature "Ignite Your Spark" Coaching Series

Through 6 sessions held over 12 weeks, you’ll declare the desires you are craving. You'll develop the bravery to go after them through mindset shifts, specific action, and supporting tools. And you'll leave in a kick-ass friendship with yourself! Through our playful self exploration you may also find your relationships flourish, you might discover a new creativity, hobby or spirituality, or your health and fitness might improve as a result.

1/ Fill in your pre-coaching questionnaire. This is a must for all new clients, and of itself will be illuminating, inspiring and perhaps eye-opening. Take your time, be honest with yourself, and perhaps have a cup of coffee handy (or a cocktail!)

2/ Then we have a complimentary 45 minute Discovery Session (online) to discuss your questionnaire, and see if sparks are flying between us! Only then do you decide if you'd like to move into: 

3/ A coaching series of x6 fortnightly sessions over 3 months*, either in person (location dependant) or via Zoom online web calls. Throughout your sessions we will first define your desires (75 minutes) and then set clear, relevant action steps for you to take inbetween each of our following sessions (60 minutes)

4/ You also get: checklists + worksheets to keep your joy front and centre, and free access to my Curb Your Perfectionism 40 minute webinar

5/ Between sessions you have email access to me for support you, cheer you on, talk things through, and hold you accountable

$440 AUD per month or $1295 AUD when paid in full

*6 month series available upon assessment

One-off Power Session

Are you just in need of a one-off electric recharge? I also offer 90-minute single sessions, which are perfect for giving you the space to:

  • Rediscover your values, who you are and owning your spark
  • Kickstart a practice of self care and self compassion
  • Explore play to alleviate stress and self criticism
  • Muse deeper into your hobbies, pursuits, and side projects
  • Ditch perfectionism by detaching your self worth from success and achievement
  • Discuss strategies for soulful decision making
  • Redefine fitness and body image goals for maximum success


still not sure?

You will achieve all you want and more if you are willing to;

  • Explore new ways of thinking, be stretched, and think outside the box
  • Start saying ‘no’ to others and ‘yes’ to yourself
  • Show up for yourself, commit, and have your own back
  • Face your “imperfections”, contradictions, goofiness, and quirks
  • Be open to methods of self exploration such as (but not limited to) journal writing, mindfulness, meditation, visioning, self-care time
  • Make changes to your schedule as needed to complete your actions and coaching commitment
  • Remove the word “should” from your vocabulary
  • Surrender the hustle and the status quo to play with what could be

Perhaps I am not your coach if you;

  • Hope someone will “flick the switch” to grant instant change
  • Are seeking someone to tell you what to do
  • Believe coaching cannot involve laughter, light and irony
  • Are in need of a career or business coach to professionally support your business development or career progression
  • Require deep spiritual guidance or relationship coaching
  • Will not dare to surrender control and step into trust
  • Cannot (or will not!) get creative with your schedule to take time for you
  • Are suffering a mental health experience such as anxiety, depression, PTSD that requires expert treatment