Let’s create magic


You’re wracked with self doubt, Imposter Syndrome, creative comparison or validation addiction. You're drawn to create but keep cutting yourself down. You know creating makes you feel better but you find reasons not to. You want to confidently claim your place and feel kick-ass while you do it. This is the support I needed through years of shunning my creativity and not realizing how important it was to my happiness. Creativity is not all about the output. It's a form of self care that can chill you out, help you process emotions, manage anxiety, and teach you mindfulness, and lead you to explore and better yourself. So, get ready to meet your inner alchemist.

I get it ...

Right  now you're

  • Desperate to create but censor yourself to fit in
  • Scared to fail and embarrass yourself because you're 'not that good anyway'
  • Feeling creatively blocked, bland, burdened and unmotivated
  • Afraid of judgement for expressing the depth of your emotions
  • Just looking longingly at your passion without pursuing it
  • Not sure where to start and anxious AF by all your unfinished ideas and first drafts
  • Don't think your expression matters as it's not changing the world 
  • Put off because someone else has done it so why bother
  • So cluttered with thoughts and todos that creative time is buried by all your other responsibility
  • Convinced the thriving artist is impossible, but nothing less is failure
  • Future tripping about “selling out” if become wildly successful

and this would be epic instead:

  • Creating on the daily as an act of well-being
  • Tingling with creative confidence instead of self-doubt
  • Unhooking yourself from the bullshit that holds you back 
  • Uncensoring yourself to be your rebel and like them, especially when they trip up 
  • Getting to know yourself on a level beyond the title, bank balance, and social status 
  • Using your creative impulses to impact the world. 
  • An endless source of creative inspiration, every damn day
  • Playing wildly through the creative process (which will undoubtedly elevate the joy in the rest of your life)
  • Feeding your starving artist with decadence and not feeling bad about it
  • Learning all of life's curly lessons through the satisfying lens of creative expression
I've been there

After being burnt-out, bored, bottled up and burdened by 7 years of doing what I thought I "should" in a solid, stable advertising career, I felt my creative Self (who I'd shushed and squashed for having no damn place in success) tapping on the window of my mind. But I was too doubtful and cynical to do anything about it. My inner critic wasn't just along for the ride, she was behind the wheel, dodging traffic and chucking u-turns. As I approached 30, I quit that career and reclaimed the driver's seat to go find the spark I’d lost along the road. Since then I’ve learnt to regard my creativity as a need not a want, and redefine art not as a luxury but as a legitimate source of well-being. Through exploring your creative impulse you explore your human experience which can only lead to growth. Read more about me here.

As your mentor, I'm here to support you using your creative impulses as a guide. I want to see you regard creative gifts as the magic that they are, and back yourself, free of others' expectation or fear of fucking up. I want to witness you play, become lighter, and see yourself as a force of creation.


Sayaka Miyashita

I felt stuck in my creative outlet - fear of failing, rejection and inability to trust myself to follow through on my own goals. Now my mindset has changed - the fear has changed to curiosity and boldness give things a go. Kris taught me how to be kind to myself and to be more self aware. To see my shortcomings and fear as an opportunity to explore and look at it in the face. My parents and friends see a huge difference in me - how I approach work, life and my own design work.

So how does it work?

The "Ignite Your Spark" Coaching Series

6 sessions held over 12 weeks

1/ Fill in your pre-coaching questionnaire. This is a must for all new clients, and of itself will be illuminating, inspiring and perhaps eye-opening. Take your time, be honest with yourself.

2/ Complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session (online) to discuss your questionnaire, and see if sparks are flying between us! Only then do you decide if you'd like to move into: 

3/ A coaching series of x6 fortnightly sessions over 3 months*, either in person (location dependant) or via Zoom online web calls. In your first session we'll get clear your desires (75 minutes) and from there we'll riff on whatever needs attention, rethinking, deepening, and exploring. Nothing is off limits, we let your creative needs guide the way. 

4/ You also get: checklists + worksheets, free access to my Curb Your Perfectionism 40 minute webinar, email + Voxer access to me for support and accountability

$480 AUD per month or $1400 AUD when paid in full

*6 month series available upon assessment

One-off Power Session

Are you just in need of a one-off electric recharge? I also offer 90-minute single sessions, which are perfect for giving you the space to:

  • Rediscover your values, who you are and your creative spark
  • Kickstart a creative practice 
  • Muse deeper into your hobbies, pursuits, and side projects

$200.00 AUD


Amanda Gordon

"I felt like my coaching experience with Kris was like rock-climbing.
Sometimes you reach a point where you get stuck.
You can’t see the next foothold.
And you get tired.
Sometimes all you need is someone to tell you that there’s a foothold next to your knee. That you can reach it. That your legs are strong enough to push you up. To take a deep breath and reach. That there is a harness there, too. Sometimes you need a good belay partner. That’s what working with Kris felt like. Kris brought the space for me to find my line - pursuing my identity as a creative writer, the perspective to see what I couldn’t, suggestions for what footholds to try next, and an encouraging word and a safety net for when I got tired or afraid. And - sometimes - when you’re focused on the journey, you look down from the top, and surprise even yourself with how far you’ve come."

still not sure?

You are the type of person who is deeply passionate, curious, and sincerely committed to leaving self-doubt at the door. You have to WANT to put in the work, even when it’s uncomfortable, and be willing to explore the possibilities that may come with thinking differently.