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Kris is an electrically energetic speaker who draws on experience ranging from boardrooms to gym floors to school halls, to create a meaningful adventure for audiences. Her core message of the importance of well-being within the workplace is providing tangible benefit for participants in stress management, work/life balance, and mental wellness. Her philosophy that self care and creativity are equally key to improving mental well-being, breathes new life into the wellness arena.

Burnout, stress, and workplace anxiety, have a huge impact on your business and company culture. Studies show that workplace wellness programs reduce employee sick leave by numbers as much as 25% (Peoplescape). Having Kris speak or lead yoga and mindfulness sessions at your corporate event, team building days, retreats, or wellness programs will have a great impact on the culture and energy within your business.  

Media Appearances

Kris’ presentation style is conversational and relatable. She draws upon stories of her own experiences of corporate burnout, disordered eating, and negative body image to bring the world of Self Development down from the clouds, and into the realm of each individual in the audience. She provides practical and accessible tips proving that Self Development is available to all, without a monumental “Eat-Pray-Love-moment". She is deeply compassionate but sees play, creativity and laughter as imperative to our ability to create and adapt to change. So allow yourself to let your guard down and have a giggle!

With a previous career in digital advertising, Kris brings a refreshing dose of research, analysis and tenacious questioning to her speaking opportunities. She intends to provoke curiosity in her audiences and allow them to go beyond the buzzwords and social media reel to discover what wellness really means to them individually.

Expect laughter, soulful thinking, “nuggets of wisdom” scribbled in notebooks, and the refreshing admission that we're not all superheroes and sometimes need support! You can bet that Kris will be asking all her audiences to give themselves “an internal fist bump” for engaging with their own well-being before leaving the room!

Through Kris’ warm yet wild energy, participants will walk away both calm in the comfort that their experience has been acknowledged, yet also buzzing with ideas to improve the way they feel and get their spark back. 

Kris gets a kick out of topics such as;

  • Workplace wellbeing and mindfulness for stress management 
  • The importance of creativity as a tool for wellness and mental health
  • Loving your body for the long-term: the effects of negative body image (great for high school audiences)

Kris has spoken and led groups at: international conferences such as Umbraco Codegarden, National Government Departments such as Australia Post, industry partnerships such as Never Not Creative, within global fitness franchise F45 Training, at luxury wellness retreats at LUX* Resorts & Hotels Mauritius, at alumni events for The University of Sydney, and in private workshop settings. She is available for hosting + MC duties, presentations, conferences, Q&A, and panels. Keep up with what Kris is talking about on the Electrified blog.

Get in touch to discuss what might be right for your organisation or event, and for speaking rates. 


Poornima Nayar

I attended Kris’ mindfulness sessions at CodeGarden 2019. I had experienced a bout of insomnia and the lack of sleep was taking a toll on me so I wasn’t able to focus on sessions as I wanted to. The 15 minutes of meditation really worked. I felt really energetic and positive after the session, and I had a good night of sleep as well. The next day we did the "full body scan" and that was total relaxation to the body and mind. It helped me have my focus back and re-energised me for the rest of the evening. I loved Kris's approach to the way she did the meditation sessions. I had a notion that meditation was clearing my head of all free thoughts, but Kris reassured that it’s quite impossible to do that with human mind. As long as we can concentrate on breathing it’s fine, and thoughts will come and go. Now I see meditation as something I can achieve in my daily life. Kris's take on it has made it simpler for me to take upon myself. I’m looking forward to her sessions next year as much as I look forward to the conference.


Delphine Toulet

I attended one of Kris’ workshop in Mauritius. Kris has this simple, yet very profound way, of explaining things to you. Her dynamism, energy, passion and smile attract you to her and make you want to 'outstretch' yourself to get the 'spark' she speaks about. I absolutely love her style which breaks this image (myth! perception!) of having to act, dress, be and say certain things.

We don’t need ‘preachers’, we need people who know their stuff, who live and experiment what they teach, who provide you with tools to be and feel better, and who stand next to you to help you sort out your *&#@%*! People who, by their experience and sharing, comfort you in the fact that nobody is perfect and we each have well-being within us. Kris is just that person!